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What kind of bullet did I find in Swiss glacial ice?

What kind of bullet did I find in Swiss glacial ice?

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I found this bullet frozen in glacial ice in Switzerland. There is no visible stamp on it anymore and unfortunately did not have any precise measuring equipment with me. I can measure the size of my ice-axe to get some estimation of the caliber if that would help.

My thoughts are that it probably originates from an aircraft cannon or anti-air gun. Although there is a small ring on the bottom of the bullet, it looks too small to be a primer, so I assume this is just the bullet part, without the casing.

I have come to the conclusion that this bullet originated from an M61 Vulcan cannon. Developed shortly after WW2, and in common use over the last few decades in Switzerland. Even today the Swiss Airforce fly the F/A-18 with the M61 Vulcan cannon mounted. It is hard to place a timestamp on when the bullet was fired, given the many years of use. Based on the rust and location it was found, I can only guess that it was from quite a few years ago.

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